United States of Climate Change

A site for The Weather Company featuring a climate change story for each state in the US.

While working as a full-time freelancer at The Weather Channel, one of my favorite projects was this website The United States of Climate Change. The team was tasked with traveling around the country and see how climate change was affecting each state. The articles featured fantastic writing, photography, illustration, and documentaries.


We worked with graphic designer Rebecca Pollock who came up with a clean, patriotic feel. We wanted users to be able to navigate the stories via a large interactive US map, as well as a custom mega-menu. For the man, users could hover on each state to reveal a little snippet of its article and then click through directly to the article. For mobile, we opted to have the menu be the main navigation and kept the map as a simple graphic.

The menu separated the states into three sections. As articles were added, links would automatically appear in the correct section.


The site was laid out entirely in Webflow, then exported as static files, and worked into WordPress. The theme was built entirely from scratch and uses the plugin Map SVG for the interactive map ( great plugin! ). The site also features the ability to sort by state or most recent on the homepage.

Interactive map graphic with articles linked to each state.

For the article pages themselves, I used the flexible content feature of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin extensively to build out a fully flexible layout where editors could add any type of content anywhere. This included the usual headers, text, and images, but even various types of videos like 360 VR embeds ( I used kr pano for this ).

The site went live in February of 2017 and has been awarded winner of the Society of News Design Award of Excellence