The New One

A site for the Broadway production of Mike Birbiglia’s The New One

The New One was a Broadway comedy show by the one and only Mike Birbiglia. This show enjoyed a full run on Broadway and then went on tour, and now can be watched on Netflix.

I created this site as a developer at RPM. Remy Kass provided Design Direction.


One of the cool things about this project was the GO! campaign. Post-show, guests were invited by an automatic email to a page on the site where they could add a colored “GO!” to a list featured on the site with their name and location.

Show-goers could add their names to the “Go!” List

We used Advanced Custom Fields Forms to have the form generate a “GO!” post-type. Once approved, the “GO!” would begin showing on the site using a basic loop.

The show opened November 11, 2018, and closed in February 2019.

The site was taken down a year or so after the show ended.