Slave Play

Slave Play, a controversial play about race, was the most nominated Broadway play in history.

Slave Play was a hot ticket on Broadway covering controversial themes such as sex, power, and race with a shocking twist that left many people talking.

Coming straight off of a sold-out run off-Broadway with celebrity guests, plenty of media attention, and a rising-star playwright, we were tasked with coming up with a strategy that could generate new excitement while enticing the Broadway audience. At the same time, we needed to demonstrate Slave Play’s intention to hear, educate, and be sensitive to people still processing what they had seen.


Ine of the striking things about the branding for this show was its adherence to the aesthetic of poster design from the antebellum south. Designed at RPM, Remy Kass, who provided Art Direction and branding for this project, found this cool typeface Antique Wells and chose to scale everything down to three colors: Black, White, and Peach.


The site also had some pages with both peach and black section backgrounds. We wanted the nav to look like a floating bar no matter what color the section it was hovering on was. I got around this by adding some javascript which detects if a black section was close to the top and then changes the navbar colors as the user scrolls onto it.

The navbar changes depending on its background.

As part of the producers’ mission to hear and participate in the conversation created by Slave Play, they set up bi-weekly talks at various locations in the city in which ticketholders could participate in a discussion hosted by cast members and producers. We displayed these events as info-boxes which were set to remove themselves from the site when their event had ended and reveal the next up ( using PHP to check the date/time ). This made for efficient, hassle-free updating.

The play opened on September 10, 2019, and closed Jan 19, 2020.

The site can still be viewed here.