Plans for this new website

I’ve updated my website to showcase more of my creative side. Here’s some thoughts on additional features I may add.

One thing I think no one is truly taking advantage of in web design and UX is slowing down and creating a relationship with the user. Building rapport, knowing them, understanding them, even befriending them. I’m talking about interactions that don’t necessarily lead directly to sales or data-mining. Things along the lines of environment, exploration, play, collaboration, and inspiration. One agency that does this really well is School.

Here are some of the things I’ve gleaned from the projects of School and Andrew Herzog‘s past agency Hawraf that I’m thinking about adding to this site.

  1. The blue in the landing hero to show an image that I can update easily by just texting a photo to a number.
  2. The colors of the site to change hour by hour. I’d love for the site to feel alive. As though it’s also moving through time and changing and not just a static set of files on a computer somewhere.
  3. Use a variable font for the hero text. I’m thinking this one. Since it appears to tilt in 3D along X/Y axes, it could adjust based on the mouse position.
  4. Update the blog section to pull from a notion database. Basically this. I’m already a huge notion-head and anything that just makes it easier to add content without needing to log into WordPress would be sweet.

I built this site using the new WordPress Twenty-Twenty Two theme. Mostly because I’ve been a WordPress developer for the past 5 years, I love it, it’s wonderful in so many ways. The new full-site editing is so great. Front-end development basically just being replaced by these limitless(nerps) builders is more apparent than ever. I built my partner Jeff’s new site in one evening. Actually I tinkered with it and showed him what to do and he just ran with it. As a non-technical™ person, he was so pleased with himself.

HOWEVER, I do realize there’s more to life and I’ll eventually need more control to try all the things. So I’ll be googling around for another solution where I can just have it be an algorithm that I can just “feed” and it just shows someone whatever it feels like. So likely a React/Vue app lol.