I started concepting a streetwear brand concept with some friends.

Jeff Hernandez (my boyfriend) and my homegirl Kristen Ginn are/were thinking about starting a streetwear brand! Jeff came up with the idea when he saw someone on the street trying to wear something cute but totally inappropriate for the weather.

He said, “Look at what that person is wearing! It’s just…stupid wear.” And StupidWear was born! (kinda).

We had moved to BedStuy right across the street from Kristen, who I used to work with at Reed Krakoff back in my fashion days. Our friendship rekindled and we decided to work on a creative project (the three of us)…and StupidWear was born! nope.

Still playing around with the idea. But in the meantime, we have some cool graphics!

stupidwear logo pink
stupidwear logo green

And I had a t-shirt professionally pleated! It didn’t come out quite as dramatic as I had hoped. But I found some other blanks with a slightly different type of polyester that might work better (coming soon).